Willingness To Try Cases

Willingness To Try Cases

There are many, many lawyers who won’t actually try a case, especially not a medical case (including nursing home negligence and wrongful death cases). This medical malpractice trial verdict for an injured patient is an example of health care providers and their insurance companies essentially offering no money — even for a legitimate case (a tiny “nuisance” amount from the hospital and ER doctor, and absolutely no offer at all from the orthopedic spine surgeon and his practice group). Health care providers’ insurance companies and defense lawyers will push to see if you and your lawyer will just go away, or ultimately settle for peanuts.

There are many reasons a lot of lawyers won’t try a case, and in medical malpractice/nursing home cases, this includes the enormous resources and risk required to do so. In the end, if your lawyer isn’t willing to take a case to jury trial and verdict, you are not getting real representation. Healthcare liability insurers and defendants like nursing homes, hospitals and doctors know which lawyers will try cases, and they will test your lawyer (especially if he or she hasn’t proven a willingness to go to trial). My approach to handling cases has always been to commit to try the case if necessary.

If you have a serious or catastrophic injury or wrongful death case, contact me at Pleasant Law, PLLC to see if we can help. There is no charge to speak to someone about your case.

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