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Pleasant Law, PLLC has been focused on handling catastrophic medical and nursing home injury and wrongful death cases for approximately 15 years, recovering over $30,000,000 from some of the largest healthcare providers in the nation. Mr. Pleasant has a reputation for trying cases to a jury verdict when necessary to achieve a just result for his clients.
Pleasant Law, PLLC helps clients pursue lawsuits against nursing homes related to any of the following:
If you or a loved one suffered at the hands of a nursing home, contact Pleasant Law, PLLC today by calling (919) 867-5575 or provide your case information for a free case review by an experienced sending a message to schedule a consultation with our nursing home abuse lawyer in North Carolina.

Why Choose Pleasant Law?

Nursing home abuse cases are different from other types of injury and medical cases and can be very complex. Because of this, Pleasant Law, PLLC only accepts a few cases at any given time, which allows us to provide intense focus on cases, and on clients.

When you call Pleasant Law, PLLC, we will consider the facts of your case to determine if we can pursue it further. If the firm accepts your case, we will help you build your case from the ground up, starting with a review of the relevant medical records. Pleasant Law, PLLC will also request evidence from the nursing home, and investigate the nursing home’s staff limitations and their history of negligence and abuse.

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Main Cause of Nursing Home Abuse

In my experience, the number one cause of abuse, negligence, and wrongful death in nursing homes is the lack of adequate staffing. The best nursing homes hire enough trained nurses and aides to make it possible for staff to provide all patients with the care they need. Others keep staff numbers low to maximize profits.
This benefit to the nursing home’s profit margin comes at the expense of nursing home residents. If nursing homes routinely do not employ enough trained staff members to properly care for residents, staff cannot provide even the most routine care.
They can also quickly develop bad habits, such as ignoring residents or relying on antipsychotic medications to chemically restrain residents.
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